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Homecoming 2021: #Trending Toward Christ

Lutheran West Homecoming: #Trending Towards Christ

by Miranda Pflaum '15

Lutheran High School West. A place where Homecoming is much more than a time to get dressed up, take some photos, and go to a dance. Homecoming at Lutheran West is a time-honored tradition that encompasses and encapsulates the entire Lutheran West community. It’s a time when faculty, staff, students, and alumni alike come together in a weeklong celebration—one in which we are all able to take a pause and focus on what Lutheran West has meant to those in the past, what it is currently working to achieve in the present, and what we hope to accomplish as a school and community in the future. 

This year’s Lutheran West Homecoming theme was #Trending. It was a weeklong celebration of everything that has been trending over the past year. Whether it be music, pop culture, internet sensations, popular brands, or the latest viral video—evidence of these trends flooded the hallways of Lutheran West. From students dressing up as their favorite meme, to decorating their class’s hallway in today’s top hits, evidence of what is #trending in our current Lutheran West students’ lives was everywhere we looked! However, it was what was behind the streamer-laced hallways, and underneath the crazy costumes of the week, that was the most impactful. It is the one thing that connects all generations of Lutheran West students to one another. Whether you are a student that graduated in 1971 or 2021, there is one thing that is #trending in the lives of all of our students and alumni, and that is Christ.

Our Christ-centered community was evident at our student game day, our annual Pep Social celebration, and at the Homecoming football game, where Lutheran West beat Trinity 50-14 and was punctuated by a fantastic fireworks display to end the night. Christ is at the focal point of all that we do. After the challenges of what the past year has brought us as a school community, we made sure to give thanks to God every step of the way. The week was full of fun and celebration, but it was met with the same level of gratefulness and humility. We understand that the community we have at Lutheran West is not one to be taken for granted, and going through the past year is a prime example of that. As a staff, it was thrilling to be able to see our students return to their normal Homecoming activities, and to see alumni being welcomed back into our building and to Alumni Field with open arms. Homecoming has been, and will always be, a time when we are able to come together to continue to move forward in our mission: to provide an educationally rich, Christ-centered experience for every student that walks through our doors.

The best thing about helping our students build their relationships with Christ, and with one another as Christians, is that while everything else that is #trending may come and go quickly from their lives, their walk with Jesus is constant. 

And as we look forward to new goals and future growth, which includes the opening of our Lutheran West Middle School in the fall of 2022, it is equally as important to look to our past. It is all the generations that have left their marks on Lutheran West, which makes it such a special place to grow—grow in knowledge, grow in faith, grow into the person you want to be, and grow into the plans God has for you.

Check out this album of selected photos from student and alumni Homecoming week activities:

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