Frequently Asked Questions

Please find information regarding our most frequently asked questions below. Any other questions regarding Lutheran West can be directed to the Admissions Office at 440-799-8328 or [email protected].  

What is the student dress code?

Lutheran West students in grades 6-12 adhere to a standardized dress policy, which is available here

To shop for dress code approved Lutheran West branded items, click here to visit our shop with SquadLocker. Items from SquadLocker not in this “Dress Code Approved” shop, or team-issued apparel, may be worn if it adheres to the standardized dress policy.

Does Lutheran West offer transportation?

Yes, Lutheran West provides bus service to and from some areas. To learn more about our bus pickup and drop-off locations, contact Ms. Megan Zuendel in the main office at 440-333-1660 or [email protected].

How do I apply for tuition assistance?

All applications for admission and for tuition assistance are gathered through a system called FACTS. When you apply to Lutheran West, you will also have the opportunity to apply for tuition assistance. The tuition assistance application is completed under the same FACTS account as the application. 

What scholarships and tuition credits are available?

Lutheran West offers merit-based scholarships based on academic and/or arts aptitude. Also available are non-merit-based scholarships, which are given to students who meet certain criteria (i.e. active membership at an Association Church or Partner Church, multiple siblings enrolled, child of a full-time Christian school teacher or pastor).

Additionally, many families qualify for scholarships offered by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). Our Admissions team can advise you in regards to these scholarship opportunities.

Lutheran West families may also qualify for scholarships through the Lutheran Scholarship Granting Organization of Ohio.

What’s the best time of year to apply?

In order to be considered in the first wave of applications (for both enrollment and tuition assistance), prospective students are encouraged to apply by October 31. Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year. Admission applications for any future school year can be submitted beginning early September.

What can we expect at an Admissions Open House?

At a Middle School / High School Admissions Open House, families are welcomed by the Admissions team. They can then take a campus tour, ask questions of school counselors, faculty, and coaches, and learn what their next step in the admissions process should be.

What can we expect at an Admissions interview?

The Admissions interview is a required step in the enrollment process. Students and their parents/guardians who are preparing for an Admissions interview should expect a casual conversation with our Admissions personnel, designed to ensure that Lutheran West is a good fit for your student and your family.