Tuition & Payment Plan Information

Tuition & Fees for High School 2024-25: $14,000

Tuition & Fees for Middle School 2024-25: $9,000


Lutheran West aims to make private Christian education affordable for families through a variety of scholarships and tuition assistance opportunities. See below section entitled “Tuition Assistance and Scholarships”.

Tuition Assistance and Scholarships

Lutheran West wants to help make a Christ-centered education financially possible for more families. Tuition assistance and scholarships are available because of the generosity of the congregations and donors who support our school’s mission. The Cleveland Lutheran High School Association and its member schools admit students of any race, color, national, and ethnic origin.

New families requesting tuition assistance for the upcoming school year must apply through the FACTS website by April 1.

Please note:

  • A $40 processing fee is charged by FACTS when submitting the tuition assistance application.
  • For students with two households, a separate FACTS tuition assistance application must be submitted for each household. Tuition assistance can only be applied to the applicant’s household. Assistance will not be applied to a secondary household or split between households without an application being received from both.
  • Families of prospective students requesting tuition assistance must submit an admissions application prior to receiving a tuition assistance award.

If you are prospective family or family already in the admissions process with Lutheran West, and you have questions regarding tuition assistance and/or scholarships, contact the Admissions Office at [email protected] or 440-799-8328.

Tuition Manager’s Office

If you are a current parent or guardian who needs to discuss or arrange for tuition payments and/or payment plans, please contact:

Email the Tuition Manager:
[email protected]

For a complete listing of scholarships, click here.

Enrollment & Payment Options

Lutheran West uses the FACTS system for tuition billing and collection. Families will complete an enrollment packet online through FACTS and will pay a $100 re-enrollment deposit for returning families and a $250 enrollment deposit for new students. These deposits are non-refundable and will reflect as a credit on your student’s tuition billing statement for the upcoming school year. Current students completing re-enrollment after March 15 will be assessed an additional $50 late enrollment fee. Once enrollment is completed, a tuition confirmation will be sent in March. When that is signed, a student will then be considered fully enrolled for the upcoming school year.

During enrollment, families have the option to choose a payment plan. Lutheran West offers annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and 10-month plans. The 10-month payment plan will be considered the default payment option. Parents may choose a different plan by signing up for it in their FACTS account. There will be a $60 one-time fee charged by FACTS to set up a quarterly or 10-month plan.

All payments will be billed and will require automatic withdrawal from FACTS on behalf of Lutheran West. Payments can be made through FACTS via check, ACH, or credit card (+3% fee for credit card). Any account not set up on automatic withdrawal will be assessed a $100 set up fee.

A tuition bill confirmation detailing the family’s tuition responsibilities will be sent in March reflecting total net charges due for the school year.

Payment Plans

Payment plan amounts shown below are per payment and include academic fees from Lutheran West. This breakdown does not factor in any scholarships, tuition assistance, or FACTS incurred fees. Plans begin in July of each year. Students are expected to have started payments prior the beginning of the academic year in August. No student can start school without first full payment.

High School Breakdown

Monthly Plan (10 payments): $1,400
Quarterly Plan (4 payments): $3,500
Semi-Annual Plan (2 payments): $7,000
Annual Plan (1 payment): $14,000

Late Payments/Delinquent Accounts

Tuition payments not received by the due date will be assessed a late fee of $15. Delinquent tuition payments may result in a student being withheld from classes and activities until the account becomes current. In addition, past due accounts can also result in student not being able to return the following semester and/or school year. Report cards, records, diplomas, and transcripts will not be released until all tuition and fees are paid in full. At school year end, any outstanding account may be subject to collections at the school’s discretion.

Prior Year Tuition

Lutheran West expects that all tuition and fees will be paid in full by April of each school year. Should a family not fulfill their financial obligation to Lutheran West, their student may not be allowed to return in subsequent years, and may be subject to collections.

Withdrawn Students

In the case a student is withdrawn or dismissed from Lutheran West at any time during the school year, families will be expected to pay any current and past invoices before records are released. In the case a student is withdrawn or dismissed after July 1st, a $500 withdrawal fee is non-refundable. Upon the start of the first day of school, the cost of withdrawal is based on the current school withdrawal policy outlined in the student handbook. The date of withdrawal/dismissal will be the date specified by the principal. All fees are non-refundable and are assessed in full at the beginning of the school year.

Late Enrollment

Students who enroll after the school year has begun will be charged tuition on a per-diem basis beginning with the day they enroll. Fees are not charged on a per-diem basis, but instead are charged in full on the student’s enrollment day.

Church Membership

A student’s church membership might qualify him/her for the Association Scholarship or the Partner Congregation Scholarship. Pastors will be asked to verify church membership.

Notice to parents who are members of Association Churches:

Lutheran West makes no guarantees that all Member Congregations are currently in good standing or will fulfill their future apportionment obligations. Please contact your church treasurer with any questions regarding this matter and the subsequent possibility of a non-support assessment to students of congregations that have not met their apportionment obligation. A list of Association Churches and Partner Congregations may be obtained from the Lutheran West Admissions Office at [email protected] or 440-799-8328.

Academic, Activity, and Technology Fees (Student Activity Fee)

Annual technology, academic, and activity fees are included in the tuition & fees price listed above. This includes: student laptop, science lab fee, consumer science lab fee, industrial technology lab fee, art class fee, gym uniform, school-issued lock, enrollment fee, Homecoming t-shirt, and a yearbook. There may be optional fees throughout the year that are specific to a team, organization/club, field trips, or other such activities.

All 12th grade students are charged a $100 graduation fee, which covers the costs of robes, diplomas, graduation programs, and graduation venue. The fee will be added to the student’s payment plan and is non-refundable. All payments must be completed prior to graduation in order for a student to participate and to receive his/her diploma and transcripts.

Note: Scholarships and Tuition Assistance cannot be applied towards fees.