LW Drama: Dazzle Awards and International Thespian Society

After receiving five nominations for “The Music Man,” Lutheran West Drama students and directors attended the Playhouse Square Dazzle Awards on Saturday, May 21.

The five nominations included: Best Supporting Actor (Jacob Rentas as Marcellus Washburn), Best Supporting Actress (Rebecca Leist as Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn), Best Costume Design, Best Choreography Execution, and Best Ensemble.

The Dazzle Awards includes live performance. In the live show this year, Lutheran West was represented by Jacob Rentas, Noelle Hanchuk, Rebecca Leist, and Peter Seidl.

Lutheran West congratulates and thanks Caroline Pangrace and Adam Zehnder, Drama Directors, for an accomplished year in Drama.

Additionally, Lutheran West Drama has inducted 10 new students into the International Thespian Society: Beth Chester, Hannah Clink, Caroline Creutz, Andrew Fry, Mariana Fuery, Gustav Golden, Isaac Grabianowski, Stella Menzalora, Isaiah Sturgis, and Amy Zell.

The Lutheran West chapter (called a troupe) of the International Thespian Society was established in 1994. Caroline Pangrace has served as the troupe’s advisor since 2008, and reports that Lutheran West has 27 currently active members and over 120 alumni members. The active ITS members serve as leaders within the Lutheran West drama department.

The International Thespian Society (ITS) is an honorary organization for high school theatre students. There are ITS troupes at more than 4,900 affiliated schools globally. The Society’s mission is to honor student achievement in theatre arts. Students must earn induction into the ITS by participating in their school’s theatre department and accumulating points based upon the quality and quantity of their work within the drama field. To learn more about ITS, visit their website here.

The Drama Department invites kids entering grades 3rd – 9th to participate in its youth summer camp, coming up in June and July. The camp includes evening sessions twice per week in June, followed by a full week of half-day camp and an evening performance of “High School Musical Jr.” at the end of camp. Registration is limited; read more information and register now here.