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N o r t h e a s t   O h i o .

a t   a   s a m p l e   c u r r i c u l u m   
f o r   L u t h e r a n  W e s t   
m i d d l e   s c h o o l   s t u d e n t s:

Courses in red allow 8th grade students to take high school level courses and earn high school credit. "Survey" style courses provide students with a sampling of multiple areas within a subject matter, so that they may have experience that will help them to make specialized course selections in high school. 

Math 6

STEM Survey 6 / 7

Linear Algebra
Honors Math 6

Art Survey 1

Social Studies 6

Art Survey 2

Social Studies 8
Literature 6

Computer Applications 6 / 7

Honors Social Studies 8
Honors Literature 6

Math 7

English 8
Research & Writing 6

Honors Math 7

Honors English 8
Science 6

Social Studies 7

Science 8
Religion 6

Literature 7

Physical Science
Physical Education 6

Honors Literature 7

Religion 8
Middle School Band

Research & Writing 7

Middle School Choir

Science 7

Physical Education
Middle School Dance

Religion 7

Spanish I
World Language Survey 6 / 7

Physical Education 7

German I
Computer Applications

Business Essentials

Latin I

Art Foundations

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