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A Mission of Faith, Community, 
and Growth 
Lutheran West's mission is to provide an educationally rich, Christ-centered experience in a 21st- century learning environment.
We believe that ALL of our students offer unique gifts to our community and ALL have promising futures ahead of them. Not only do we believe in them wholeheartedly, but we are guided by the promises that God has set forth for all humankind: the promise of His unconditional love, the promise of His unwavering support, and the promise of life everlasting in His kingdom. 
Students are encouraged to explore their gifts spiritually, socially, academically, athletically, in the arts, and in their interests.  Spending their high school years with us at Lutheran West means that they are enveloped in a supportive, loving community in which they can freely stretch their minds, bodies, and spirits. 
In constant pursuit of this mission, our faculty, staff, and administration are guided daily by six elements which we call the "Lutheran West Promise." For our students, we seek to provide:

Christian-PrinciplesChristian Principles
Christian principles and values are taught and guide all aspects of the student experience. At Lutheran West, one observes "faith in action," with faculty, staff, and coaches who are active Christians, bi-weekly all-school Chapel services, Bible studies, required Religion courses in all four years, robust service opportunities, and Christ-centered philosophies in athletics and extra-curriculars.

Rigorous-AcademicsRigorous Academics
Preparing students for life after high school requires the teaching of critical thinking and problem solving skills. Mastery of these skills gives students the confidence to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. Our talented faculty and staff are committed to helping students achieve success in and out of the classroom. Along with our highly regarded academic curriculum, a Lutheran West education offers students supplemental academic opportunities, including: The Senney Honors Academy, National Honors Society, National Merit Scholar recognition, Leadership Lecture Series, ACT/SAT preparation integrated into coursework, college fairs and visits, Student Success Center (tutoring), and extensive Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and College Credit Plus (CCP) courses.

Nurturing-CommunityNurturing Community
Each individual is valued and nurtured in a caring, Christian community. It’s not every day high school students say school is a great place to be. At Lutheran West, we hear it a lot. Sometimes it is in words, other times it is in the eyes of a student who receives a hug or reassuring word as they work through a difficult situation. The sense of community is also present when a grateful community member or organization sends a “thank-you” for an act of service well done. Community is something we share, both on and off campus, through venues such as: Chapel services, peer-to-peer tutoring, service projects on which students collaborate, school-wide student life events (dances, pep rallies, student section at home games, and more). Our student body, which is small relative to many other area high schools, is an enormous asset to the community-building, school pride, and support of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ we seek to achieve every day.

Servant-LeadershipServant Leadership
Opportunities are provided to students to develop their outreach leadership skills. One of the greatest gifts a Christian school can give the world is a Christian leader who reflects the word of God in their work. Students have the opportunity to learn how to lead by example, letting their actions and values guide those of their peers. These are skills which will follow them into adulthood, and the four years a student spends at Lutheran West are truly a leadership internship. Our students are learning to become servant leaders every day with abundant leadership opportunities, service projects in their local communities and churches, and more. 

Challenging-OpportunitiesChallenging Opportunities
One of the most common questions asked today by both employers and college admissions officers is, “Tell me a little about yourself. What do you enjoy doing with your free time?” The question is designed to determine whether a student is multi-dimensional and has time-management skills. One of our goals at Lutheran West is to help students have a very good answer to that question. Lutheran West has a high percentage of student participation in co-curricular activities. The two primary reasons for this are that we do not have a “pay to play” policy and that we ensure there is a place for everyone in co-curricular activities if they display interest and commitment. Activity options outside the classroom include over 20 clubs and student organizations, competitive interscholastic athletic programs, top-tier arts programs, service opportunities, leadership roles, and much more.

Life-Purpose-and-VocationLife Purpose and Vocation 
The decision of what to do with one's life is a big question. Finding the answer to this question is a journey that often begins to take shape in high school. Lutheran West students are encouraged to begin exploring not only what they themselves would like to pursue in their own lives, but also what God's purpose and direction for their lives may be. Faculty, staff, and coaches encourage students to remember that the answer to this question includes the blending of embracing their God-given abilities, including academics, athletic strengths, and personal talents, with a trusting heart that is open to God’s guidance. We are consistently building upon this concept with our students through a dedicated Guidance & College Advising staff, Career Day, college fairs and visits, the Leadership Lecture Series, curriculum mapping, and Chapel messages.
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