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2021 Marketing Campaign

In late July 2021, Lutheran West launched the largest and most comprehensive marketing campaign in school history. Campaign components include media (video advertisements on streaming video platforms, radio, paid digital advertising via social media), website (targeted landing pages to coordinate with the campaign, video content, updated photography), overhaul of our admissions marketing materials, public relations, a direct mail campaign targeting prospective middle school and high school families, and messaging elements throughout our physical school building. 

The campaign centers around a simple idea: Go West. It asks its subjects (who are students, faculty, coaches, and alumni) to answer the question “Why do you ‘go West’?” and through that simple inquiry, elicits honest, organic mentions of community, student successes, friendship, faith development, a wealth of opportunities, tradition, and much more. Their replies tell the story of Lutheran West in a way that we hope will compel prospective families and our local community at large to see our school as a place where students are challenged to grow, connect, learn, succeed, and become Christian leaders.

And what better team to tell that story than our own alumni, who have lived the Lutheran West student experience?

We’re especially proud to share that the marketing campaign in its entirety was created and produced by local creative companies owned by and/or run by Lutheran West alumni. Our CLHSA Communications & Marketing department coordinated efforts by TWIST [Charlene Coughlin ‘02, President,], Clum Creative [Mike Clum ‘11, President /], and Azkalynn Photography [Arlee (Guenther) Reust ‘08 /]  to design, create, direct, and implement this amazing campaign.

The collaborative efforts made by this team are evident in the resulting product -- the video, photo, verbiage, and strategic components of the marketing campaign look professional, create interest and action, and most importantly, feel authentic to Lutheran West.

As we move forward into the heart of the 21st century, with the overwhelming amount of marketing and media messages to which we’re all exposed every day, it’s more important than ever before to effectively and intentionally communicate our school’s educational and faith-based values, lasting positive impact on students, and strong sense of community to prospective families. 

Lutheran West will begin offering grades 6-8 in the fall of 2022. This means that starting in the fall of 2021, we’ll be accepting applications and meeting with families who are interested in middle school. The marketing campaign we’ve developed is designed to work into the next few years, communicating that Lutheran West is an ideal option for grades 6-12.

Behind the Scenes: 2021 Marketing Campaign

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