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July Information

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July Information: 2023-2024 School Year
Dear Lutheran West Families,

Welcome back Lutheran West! We are very excited to start the 2023-2024 school year! At Lutheran West, we are so blessed to partner again with our families in educational ministry starting next month. A special welcome to our new incoming students and families as they join generations of faithful Longhorn families, both present and past. At Lutheran West, our mission is to provide an educationally rich, Christ-centered experience in a 21st century learning environment.

Included in the annual “July Information” is a series of resources and materials you will need to begin the school year.

Some resources you will find in this “July Information” are as follows:

- Important Contact Information 
- 2023-2024 School Calendar
- Bell Schedules
- Virtual Orientation Videos for Lutheran West Families
- Middle School Meet-the-Teacher Night Information
- Freshman & New Student (including Middle School) Orientation Dates
- Laptop Pickup Day (returning students only, grades 7, 8, 10-12)
- Middle School Supply List and High School Summer Reading Assignments
- Student Schedules (all grades)
- Lunch and Transportation Information
- Parent / Visitor Policies and Medical Reminders
- 2023-2024 Dress Code with New Purchasing Information Available
- Communication Information for Parents
Important Contact Information 
Restarting the School Year Questions - [email protected]
Tuition Manager - [email protected]
Attendance - [email protected] (no phone calls regarding attendance; all attendance matters must be submitted via email)
Kitchen - [email protected] / www.LunchPrePay.com to add money to student account 
Nurse - [email protected] / 440.333.1660 x114
Athletics - [email protected] 
School Main Office - 440.333.1660  

School Calendar
You can find most recent version of the 2023-2024 school calendar here
Bell Schedules
On Mondays and Fridays, we will be on Bell Schedule #1. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, we will be on Bell Schedule #2. The bell schedules can be found here.

Please note: the start time for Middle School and High School has changed to 8:00 AM. Dismissal time for High School is now 2:50 PM and Middle School students will be dismissed at 3:00 PM

Virtual Back to School Orientation Videos
Virtual Back to School Orientation, consisting of orientation videos for the student(s) and family, will cover Lutheran West's updated procedures for the coming school year. The videos will be posted online on this page for students and families to view the week of August 7.

Middle School Meet the Teacher Night

All Middle School parents and students are invited to attend “Meet the Teacher Night” on Thursday, August 10 from 5:30-7:00 PM at Lutheran WestThe evening will consist of a presentation from Middle School administrators, followed by an opportunity for parents to meet their student’s teachers while their students participate in a team-building activity. Pizza and water will be available. No registration is necessary; simply come and get ready to join the Lutheran West community! A reminder will be sent home in August regarding this event.
Freshman & New Student Orientation
A mandatory Freshman and New Student Orientation (this includes 6th graders, all new middle school students, as well as new high school students and high school transfer students) will be held in person on Monday, August 14They will follow their full schedule and visit all of their classes. Freshmen and New Students will also receive their laptops on this day. Orientation will take place from 8:00 AM to 2:50 PM. Freshmen and new students should be in dress code on this day.

Laptop Pickup
All Lutheran West students are supplied with a school laptop. Laptops will be distributed to all returning students (7th and 8th grade students; sophomores through seniors) on Thursday, August 10. Students should allow approximately 15 minutes to pick up their laptop. All students are required to attend and can come at their convenience between the hours of 9 AM - 3 PM.

Freshmen and new Middle School and High School students will receive their laptops during their orientation day on Monday, August 14.

Please note: the student must be present with their student ID for laptop pickup. Temporary student IDs will be provided if necessary. Parents cannot pick up a laptop for their child.

Middle School Supply List
Items needed for Middle School students can be found here. There is no supply list for high school students.

Summer Reading

High school students are reminded of their Summer Reading Assignments. The reading assignment and any accompanying worksheets must be completed by the first day of school: Tuesday, August 15. There is not a Summer Reading Assignment for English 1. The assigned readings and/or worksheets are available here.

Student Schedules
Schedules for all students will be available on RenWeb the week of August 1. Information on accessing new student schedules will be emailed. Locker assignments will be posted on the student schedules. Each new student will receive a lock for his or her locker. Paper copies of schedules will not be mailed home. Please note the Lutheran West Schedule Change Policy below.

Schedule Change Policy

Students are not able to move the periods assigned to classes. Schedule changes will not be made to change a student’s lunch, study hall, order of classes, etc.

A. Adding Classes

Courses may only be added four days from the start of the semester. If a student wants to add a class, they must receive a recommendation for the class addition from the instructor of that course.  A parent/guardian must also approve of this change. There is a $25 schedule change fee for any course additions.

B. Dropping Classes

Upon request with recommendation of the teacher, a student may drop a class without penalty of failure within the first two weeks of the semester as long as the student is able to add a study hall. If another class must be added, then the deadline to drop a class is prior to the fourth school day of the semester. (See Adding classes above.) There is a $25 schedule change fee for any course withdrawals.

Before a class can be dropped, the student must:

1. Obtain a "Schedule Change" form from the Counselor.

2. Meet the conditions stated on the "Schedule Change" form, which include parent signature, teacher's signature (after paying any fees/fines and returning books), and the Counselor's signature.

3. Students must maintain a full class load of at least seven classes per day. 

If a class is dropped after two (2) weeks of the semester, a failing grade will be recorded for the semester and documented on the high school transcript. The teacher, School Counselor, and the Principal must approve exceptions.

College Credit Plus (CCP) courses must be dropped before the 14th day of the semester. A separate CCP Schedule Change form must be completed. Students dropping CCP courses may be charged for the full cost of the class. A student who withdraws from a CCP course after the 14th day of the semester will receive a W on their college and high school transcript. 

School Counseling Assignments
Mrs. Jolaina Deblock: [email protected]
Student Wellness Specialist - Grades 6-8

Ms. Mackenzie Zimmerman: [email protected]
School Counselor - Grades 9-10

Mrs. Becky Slack: [email protected]
School Counselor - Grades 11-12 + all Senney Honors Academy students

Mrs. Judy Rolik: [email protected]
Testing Coordinator

Lunch Program
Lutheran West is part of the National School Lunch Program and abides by the government’s nutritional standards. For the 2023-2024 school year, the basic lunch will cost $4.00. This meal consists of the main menu item (or a sandwich or large salad), two sides (one side must be a fruit or vegetable), and an 8-ounce milk. Additional food items and drinks may be purchased. 

Menus will be posted outside of the kitchen and will be available by the start of the school year on the Lutheran West website here

Additionally, the kitchen offers grab and go breakfast items from 7:30-8:00 each morning. Items available will include bagels, muffins, yogurt, cereal bars, juices, coffee drinks, etc. Prices range from $1.00 to $2.50. 

To add money to a student’s account, please send in a check (made payable to Lutheran West) or cash. Online payments can be made at www.LunchPrePay.com. You will use the last four digits of your student’s ID number.

If you have any questions, please contact the kitchen staff at [email protected]

Free & Reduced Lunch Program
Government assistance is available to those who qualify for free or reduced lunches. The online application (www.LunchApplication.com) must be completed by August 5 so that your student can receive this benefit on the first day of school. Applications are accepted anytime throughout the year. 

Returning students must reapply for the 2023-2024 school year at www.lunchapplication.com. Failure to apply for the free & reduced lunch program for the new school year will result in loss of eligibility and students will be billed for the lunch food they receive.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email [email protected].

Lutheran West Bus Transportation

Lutheran West provides bus service at an additional cost with pickup locations at select Lutheran grade schools in Parma and North Royalton. If you would like more information, please email Ms. Megan Zuendel at mzuendel@lutheranwest.com.

Free RTA Bus Tickets for Cleveland Residents

Per the city of Cleveland, all Cleveland residents who use the RTA Bus will need to fill out a form from the city to receive free RTA bus tickets for the 2023-2024 school year. The form will be emailed to all Cleveland residents at the beginning of August. Once the form is signed, all students residing in the City of Cleveland will receive free RTA bus passes to ride to and from school. Two-ride student passes can be picked up daily from the Main Office at the end of the school day.

Student Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures
The school building opens at 7:15 AM each school day. Students can be dropped off as early as 7:15 AM at Lutheran West. Middle school students will report to Early Care (Senney Gym) upon arrival prior to 7:45 AM.

NEW THIS YEAR: The high school school day begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 2:50 PM. 9th-12th grade students staying on campus later than 3:15 PM who are not participating in extracurricular activities will report to the High School Late Stay Room (Room 102) and can stay as late at 4:15 PM.

NEW THIS YEAR: The middle school school day begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM. 6th-8th grade students staying later than 3:30 PM who are not participating in extracurricular activities will report to the Middle School Late Stay Room. This is a supervised room for middle school students only until 5:00 PM at a flat rate cost of $10/day. 

Student Parking
All student drivers will park in the Senney Parking Lot (between Lutheran West and Target). There will be no reserved parking spaces or parking passes required for this school year.

Traffic Patterns for Drop-off and Pickup

All student drop offs and pickups should take place at the Main Entrance on the West side of our school building (between LW and Target). All cars should enter in the back of the lot near Target and move in a circular flow (south to east to north). When dropping off or picking up, please move vehicles as far forward as possible to make the process as smooth and efficient for all families.

Vehicles should not enter the Senney Parking Lot through the first row (near the current construction) as this is where the traffic flow will be exiting the lot. In addition, there is no driving on the walkways up to the Main Entrance doors or the driveway running alongside the school to the football field. No vehicles are to be parked in the Linden Park parking lot or the CLHSA parking lot on Linden Road, including wait time during drop off and pick up. Please see this Lutheran West parking lot map for further details. 

We encourage all drivers to use extreme caution in our parking lot to ensure the safety of all who are present on our Lutheran West campus.

Parent / Visitor Policies and Procedures

All parents/visitors must enter the building though the Main Entrance on the West side of the building (facing Target). Parents/visitors must check in at the Welcome Desk. For safety reasons, to fully enter the building beyond the Welcome Desk, all parents/visitors must have a scheduled appointment with a faculty or staff member. Parents/visitors without an appointment will not be allowed in the building beyond the Welcome Desk. If items need to be dropped off, the items will be left with the Welcome Desk attendant and will be delivered directly to the student. For all emergency pickups and contact with your student, please call the Main Office at (440) 333-1660.

Medical Reminders

There are a number of health forms that need to be completed for all new students to be able to start classes at Lutheran West. Students need to have a valid OSHAA physical on file, regardless if the student is participating or not participating in sports for the 2023-2024 school year. Students must also have their immunization records turned in before the school year begins. (Please note: there is no official form that needs to be filled out for immunizations. An immunization print out from your doctor’s office will fulfill this requirement.) For those who would rather fill out an Immunization Exemption form, please contact the nurse's office at [email protected].

Students are not permitted to carry any medications, prescription or over the counter on school grounds, with the exception of emergency medications (i.e. Epi-pens, asthma inhalers, and diabetic medications.) For the student to possess these emergency medications, he/she must have the appropriate action plan completed by the physician and turned into the office. Students requiring any other medication, prescription or over the counter, during the school day must have a parent/prescriber medication form completed by the physician and signed by both the physician and parent. Medications will be kept in the school clinic and distributed by the school nurse. All necessary medical forms can be found hereAt no time should a student be in possession of any medication while on school property, prescription or over the counter. Any student found to be carrying unauthorized medication will be subject to disciplinary action and parents will be notified. 

For dismissals due to illness, students must first see their teacher or an administrator and obtain a pass to the clinic to see the school nurse. Once they are seen by the school nurse in the clinic, communication will be made home. At no time should a student be calling or texting their parents for dismissal due to illness without following the proper procedures. Should you have any questions, please contact the nurse at (440) 333-1660 ext. 114 or by email at [email protected]

Dress Code
All Lutheran West Students (Grades 6-12) will be required to be in proper dress code throughout the entirety of the school day. The complete Dress Code policy is available in the 2023-2024 Student and Parent Handbook (available to all returning students and families via RenWeb) and also can be found here

Apparel Sale

Lutheran West will be hosting pop up shop dates where dress code approved apparel will be available for purchase. The scheduled dates to come buy apparel are:

Thursday, August 3rd from 3 - 6 PM

Thursday, August 10th from 9 AM - 3 PM (Laptop pickup day)

There will be a variety of different school colored polos and quarter zips available for purchase, as well as other Lutheran West apparel. Pricing is still being finalized with the supplier, but polos are expected to cost $20.00, quarter zips are expected to cost $30.00. A package is available with four polos in a variety colors and one black quarter zip for $100.00.

SquadLocker - Online Store

Squad Locker is Lutheran West's official online apparel shop. You are welcome to purchase apparel through the site at any time. Below are some helpful links to get started: Additional School Approved Dress Code Tops

On certain days (typically Friday's), students will be permitted to dress down in Lutheran West spirit wear or branded apparel.

In addition, athletic teams may have their own team shop open to purchase apparel through BSN before or during their season.

**Students not in compliance with the school dress code will not be permitted in class until they are able to be in compliance.

“ParentsWeb” from FACTS is a private and secure parents’ portal that will allow parents to view academic information specific to their children. You may view your child’s grades, attendance, and homework, as well as other useful school information like the Student & Family Handbook. Parents to new students are encouraged to create a ParentsWeb account, because student schedules can only be accessed via ParentsWeb. To create a ParentsWeb account, visit https://www.lutheranwest.com/RenWeb.aspx and follow the Instructions for Parents.

Email Communication

Most communication for Lutheran West is done through our RenWeb system. This includes grades, announcements, school information and updates, and forms. In order to receive information, we need your current email address to be entered into our data system. If you have had changes to your email address or have never submitted it to the main office, please do so at this time. We believe this is the fastest and most efficient method of keeping you informed of the news and events happening at Lutheran West.
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