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Exam Schedule

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Exam Schedule 

The final exam schedule for Semester 2 of the 2020-21 school year is now available here.

Each exam block will be 75 minutes.  Exam blocks will correspond to periods of individual classes.  For example, first period will be first block, second period will be second block, etc.  Two periods, or exam blocks, will meet each day.  Students currently in-person will take their exams in-person and students currently on SOLE will take their exams on SOLE. See the schedule for full details.

For transportation purposes, the building will be open from 7:30 AM to 12:00 PM each day from May 18-21. The building will close each day at 12:00 PM and students will be unable to remain in the building after 12:00 PM except for extra-curricular activities. The Lutheran West bus will run from its normal time in the morning with an afternoon departure time of 12:00 PM from Lutheran West.

Other specific information for students regarding final exams: 

- Students taking their final exams in-person will take their finals at school each day.

- Students taking final exams on SOLE are required to have a working SECOND device (generally a phone). Students on SOLE may be asked to log in on both their laptop AND a second device for test securing purposes.

- Students who are in-person and feeling ill will immediately switch to SOLE for the remainder of the exam week.

- Students under quarantine for COVID-19 will take their final exams using SOLE.

- Students who do not have a first block final exam on a given day can arrive late.

- Students who do not have a second block final exam on a given day can leave early.

- Students who do not have any finals on a given day do not need to report to school on that given day.

- The building will close each day at 12:00 PM unless a student is finishing an exam with extended time.

- Students cannot leave the building once they arrive until they are ready to leave for the day.  If a student is at school but not in an exam, they must still report to their assigned classroom for that period.  Their teacher will be in the classroom to supervise. 

- Students will remain in dress code during final exams.

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