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Reading Challenge

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                        Spring 2020 Reading Challenge  (February 10th - May 22nd) * New Date
We have not determined exactly what the celebration will look like, as so much is unknown at this time, but we encourage you to keep reading and submitting your forms and we will be in touch with you after May 22, 2020.  
We hope you are all signed up for Sora!  Ebooks from our shared collection and the CLEVNET system are free for you to use!!!  Yay! 

We want to celebrate literacy and encourage students to read for pleasure.  Here are some benefits of reading: stress reduction, mental stimulation, vocabulary expansion, memory improvement, improved focus and concentration, knowledge, stronger analytical thinking skills and joy! 

HOW TO PARTICIPATE:  Read 500 pages

  • Students are to read books beyond the classroom assignments.  This should not interfere with academics in any way.
  • Students will read books that they choose and will fill out the Google Form below when each book is completed. 
  • The last day to submit entries is Monday, May 22, 2020.
  • We will celebrate our reading accomplishments on Wednesday, April 22, during enrichment period. 


  • Personal Integrity is an important character trait that we value at Lutheran West.  Students are expected to maintain the highest level of honesty.            
  • Books should not be ones assigned for a class.
  • The Lutheran West Library staff reserves the right to verify all entries.
  • Audiobooks and eBooks are permitted, but make sure to include the physical number of pages of the print version.

                                                                                   Google Form Entry

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