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All Crafts
Hundreds of free projects, with links to craft book sites and other sites with lists of materials and step-by-step instructions.

Awesome Library - Parents
Organizes the Web with 35,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education. Sponsored by the Evaluation and Development Insitute (EDI).
Information about the Ohio driver's test, BMV locations, practice written tests, study guide. 

Child Safety on the Information Highway
Written by Lawrence J. Magid, a syndicated columnist and technology commentator, who is author of The Little PC Book (Peachpit Press) and host of, a web site devoted to keeping children safer in vehicles.

Christian Spotlight on Entertainment
A ministry of
Online resources for parents and children sponsored by the American Library Association.

Family Education
Online consumer network of the world's best learning and information resources, personalized to help parents, teachers, and students, sponsored by the Family Education Network.

Focus on the Family
Mission is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible by nurturing and defending the God-ordained institution of the family and promoting biblical truths worldwide.

Focus on the Family: Plugged In Online
Designed to help equip parents, youth leaders, ministers and teens with the essential tools that will enable them to understand, navigate and impact the culture in which they live. Features reviews and discussions of entertainment, intended to spark intellectual thought, family discussion and spiritual growth.

"Real News, Compelling Stories, Always Positive" - virtue, goodwill and heroism are hot news--up-to-the-minute news, geared to lift spirits and inspire lives.
Digital citizenship, online safety, and civility. 
The official anti-bullying website of the U.S. goverment. 

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