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AcademicHandbookCoverChoosing Courses at Lutheran West
Based upon teacher recommendations for placement, admissions test results, and previous coursework successfully completed, the Guidance staff will assist with students' course selection. 
Students and their families may read detailed course descriptions, along with information on course credit amounts and pre-requisites, by reviewing the Lutheran West Course Catalog
Students are required to be enrolled in a minimum of seven courses at a time. If a student is taking three or more AP or College Credit Plus (CCP) courses in a semester, an exception may be made (by School Counseling Department approval only) for the student to take six courses.
Listed below are the required courses for each year (substituitions can be made only with the approval of a School Counselor):
9th Grade
Old Testament (1 credit)
English* (1 credit)
Mathematics* (1 credit)
Physical Science* (1 credit)
World History (1 credit)
Computer App. 1 &2 (0.5 credit)
P.E./Fine Art/Practical Art/Language (1.5-2.5 credits)
10th Grade
New Testament/Church History (1 credit)
English* (1 credit)
Mathematics* (1 credit)
Biology* (1 credit)
U.S. History* (1 credit)
P.E./Fine Art/Practical Art/Language (2.0 - 3.0 credits)

11th Grade 
Christian Faith/Old Testament Selections (1 credit) 
English* (1 credit)
Mathematics* (1 credit)
Speech (0.5 credit)
Chemistry* (1 credit)
Government* (0.5 credit)
P.E./Fine Art/Practical Art/Language (2.0 - 3.0 credits)
12th Grade 
Christian Ethics/New Testament Selections (1 credit)
English* (1 credit)
Mathematics (1 credit) 
Economics (0.5 credit)
P.E./Fine Art/Practical Art/Language/Science/Social Studies (3.5 - 4.5 credits)

A sample four-year academic plan is shown below: 
9th Grade
Physical Education / Consumer Science
English 1*
World History
Physical Science*
World Language or Fine Art
Study Hall 
Old Testament
10th Grade
New Testament
Health / Consumer Science
English 2*
U.S. History*
World Language 
Study Hall or Elective 
11th Grade
Christian Faith / Old Testament Selections
Physical Education / Elective
English 3*
Government* / Speech
Algebra 2 / Trigonometry*
World Language
Study Hall or Elective 
12 Grade
Christian Ethics / New Testament Selections
English 4*
4th Year Math Requirement*
World Language Elective
Science Elective*
Study Hall or Elective 
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