College Athletic Requirements

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College Athletic Requirements

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NCAA-NAIA-LogosCollege Athletic Eligibility
Students interested in participating in college athletics should take an active role in educating themselves about the requirements for each option, as they differ for NCAA or NAIA.  

Visit for comprehensive information about NCAA eligibility and for comprehensive information about NAIA Eligibility.

NCAA-PowerpointPlease note the following helpful tips:

1. Visit to learn more about opportunities available at NCAA schools and for NAIA schools.

2. Know current and future academic requirements. Both NCAA and NAIA have GPA and ACT/SAT score requirements.

3. Complete NCAA-approved core courses throughout high school if considering an NCAA school.  A list of NCAA-approved high school courses can be found at

4. Register with the NCAA or NAIA Eligibility Center during your sophomore year if you are interested in college athletics.

5. After six semesters, send official transcripts from all high schools attended to the NCAA or NAIA
Eligibility Center.

Helpful Resources:

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