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Walter Senney

Class of 1973
The Cleveland Lutheran High Schools are a jewel in our Christ-centered community. The high schools take our youth at very changing and challenging times in their lives and hold them in His care and mold them in the way He has taught us. I can speak about my experiences personally from 3 different perspectives: through the eyes of a student, parent and now as a community member.

As a student at Lutheran West in the 70’s, I came in as a timid freshman from a class of 13 students from Lakewood Lutheran School and four years later left as a graduate from a class of 80 students, full of confidence and ready to take on the world. The smaller size of Lutheran West allowed each student to not only be active in the classroom, but also in sports, intramurals, student government and many social activities. We were also very fortunate to be taught by Christian teachers who brought Jesus and His forgiving grace into all of our activities. Of course, when needed, they also brought in some Old Testament Law!

In following years I sent our two boys to Lutheran West. They were instructed and coached by Christian men and women, some of whom had taught me 25 years earlier. Our children were told that our Savior walked the halls with them and He was called upon for guidance in the classroom, the cafeteria and the gymnasium. As a parent I was given the opportunity to be involved in our children’s education by being active on committees, parent advisory groups and a fan at sporting events. During my years as a parent I was also given the opportunity to share my earthly blessings through the renovation of our Alumni athletic fields and the school addition project.

As a community member I see myself looking in at the same Christian school where the next generation of students are involved in learning the same lessons I and my family were taught. Lutheran West seems to transcend all time and continually offers the same opportunities to all those who serve Him.

Colin McHugh

Class of 2008

Both through academics and sports, my experience at Lutheran West has indeed impacted my life positively and immensely.


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